A short test using 2D images to create a 3D scene. Images from cgtextures.com, tips from videocopilot.net. 

Commercial for the iPhone 4S. Different than the usual simple style of Apple products, wanted it to have more of a home-y feel rather than the usual sterile feel.

Quick logo resolve for a local bike racing team.

After a couple of months of aimlessness, I think I’ve sort of found my niche.

I can’t really commit to it yet, but I think character based commercials may be the direction I should go in. I love giving personalities and designing looks, and I’m a pretty good character animator. So we’ll see.

I’ll post up a couple of new projects soon!

An old picture I drew for Homestuck.

An old picture I drew for Homestuck.

A shot from my film, in super hi-quality.

Links to watch it:



Some sketches or something for my previous next film but I’m probably not gonna do it anymore :I There are better ideas.

Short two day project. Not sure if it was really worth building the robot from complete scratch, but I got to practice rigging some more.

Quick video I made for Dosomething.org. They do some great things, so check them out!

(Source: bubbowrap.com)

I was so stoked when I learned how to do these growing tentacles things. So awesome.

(Source: bubbowrap.com)